Animal Garden Cover

This cover represents the world. We are in the sunny side of mountain, like in the Chinese Ying/Yang tradition.

but if we climb more we can find ourselves in the shadowy side of the world; may be in a better site, but also advancing to the unknown and, maybe a more dangerous place.

album cover

This world variety is represented by the objects seen on it, like the mexican mortar called “molcajete”.

The garden Items remind us of how big the world is, and the incredible adventure that being alive represent.

  1. Chinese Guardian lions (Foo dogs)
  2. Ganesha statue
  3. Chi-kung Balls
  4. Cairnes
  5. Chinese coins
  6. Molcajete

This image was produced from scratch in the program Cinema 4D, and importing some elements and creating others from primitives and adding textures and lightning.